About Lockdown Diaries

Lockdown Diaries is about connecting with the community’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting Sussex-based dance artists during this time.

We’re asking people to submit their creative responses to lockdown and then our artists will interpret this piece of photography, poetry, drawing (or any other form you’d like) into a dance film.

Each film will be added to the page below and it will become a diary archive of creativity during this strange and difficult time.

Old Bill by Antonia Grove
Here but Elsewhere by Charlotte Pook
Encased by Keil Morris
(Dances with) Cloud, Gate and Tree by Virginia Farman
What do I do when it’s just me? by Fenella Ryan

Squashed by Sally Marie
Bird in the Hand by Anna Alvarez
We Can’t, Can’t We? by Rachel Sullivan

Call out for Submissions


Sussex Dance Network is inviting you to share creative responses of your experiences in the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you wish to draw, write, compose music, send photos, create poetry or record spoken word, we want to hear from you.

How has your life changed during lockdown, whether in your work or personally? How has your artistic practice changed, and how do you feel about these changes in the personal and professional sphere?

As everyone struggles through the stress of our altered lives, it is more important than ever to find outlets to articulate your experiences, and we aim to create a space where you have the freedom to express your emotions, coping mechanisms and joy without restrictions.

We will be inviting twelve dance artists from our community to choreograph and record interpretive responses to these submissions, releasing two 1.5-5 minute long videos each month to celebrate the place the arts has in these difficult times.

We will be offering a small fee to support Sussex-based dance artists who have lost work due to the pandemic for creating these new short dance works.

For questions and creative submissions, or if you are interested in choreographing a dance response please email Joël- joel@sussexdancenetwork.co.uk