Lockdown Diaries 2020 logo. Two hands shaking form a love heart.

Lockdown Diaries was developed to connect with the community’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic and to support Sussex-based dance artists to maintain their creativity during this strange and difficult time.

We asked 12 artists to submit a creative response to their lockdown experience – How has your life changed during lockdown, whether in your work or personally? How has your artistic practice changed, and how do you feel about these changes in the personal and professional sphere? We then paired each submission with 12 dancers from our network to interpret the piece of photography, poetry, drawing, music etc. into a dance film.

Check out the round up video of all 12 films below, or click through the links to find out abit more about each project. 

For questions or reflections about this project please email Joël- joel@sussexdancenetwork.co.uk