© Ebony Rose Dark & SDN, Photo by Ben Brooks of Through the Senses (ABCD Alternative Tours) commissioned by SDN, 2022.

Katie Dale-Everett
Founder and Artistic Director
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I am Sussex Dance Network’s Artistic Director and Programme Creator. I also support the rest of the team.

I work remotely although am always happy to meet for a coffee/walking meeting where possible.

My time in the office varies as I work this role as a freelancer in conjunction with other roles including: Artistic Director of Katie Dale-Everett Dance and Co-AD of Kabecca Films and being a facilitator for Dance Woking among others.

My best working practices look like…

My work day looks different everyday. Sometimes I am off emails to focus on completing a task that requires plenty of focus, other times I am delivering projects away from my desk. Some days I am purely working on responding to the many exciting and varied emails I receive. I have not found a regular working time that works for me so expect emails at anytime of the day or late evening.

Beyond work, I’m really passionate about…

Animal rights, walking long distances, exploring new places, giving back, discovering, sharing experiences and connecting with others.

Headshot of Alex Hagger, Treasurer & Wellbeing Lead.

Alex Hagger
Treasurer &
Wellbeing Lead
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