© Angela El-Zeind & SDN, Photo by Katy Clarkson of ‘Voice of Motherhood’ Rehearsal (ABCD Alternative Tours) commissioned by SDN, 2022.


We are Sussex Dance Network, an artist-led organisation for individual dance artists which supports individual artists within a membership structure. Made up of highly skilled artists, producers and administrators whose practice involves supporting others, our aim is to cater for the diverse populous of those living and working in Sussex by providing opportunities for:

  • Training and upskilling.
  • A high quality artistic programme.
  • Collaboration.
  • Development of sustainable relationships with artists, partners, venues and community groups.


  • To bring together the creative artistic dance population of Sussex to view, discuss and participate in social, political and responsive work.
  • To provide support and collaborative opportunities through developing original creative initiatives.
  • To develop circumstances for higher engagement and access into dance in Sussex for people by bringing together artists who have different experiences.
  • To reduce the isolation that working independently can bring, by creating a holistic network that underpins the growth of all involved.


With the flexibility to programme in response to what is happening right now we build our output around:

  • Our commitment to programming (80%) Sussex based artists, with input from the sector nationally (20%).
  • Our (currently in development), three year commitment programming strategy (to ensure resources are being utilised to support all people).
  • What our members are saying they need their next steps to be.

Our Members include;

  • Industry professionals: From graduates, those with longstanding careers, those coming back to dance and those working on the parameters of the industry and cross-collaboratively.
  • People interested in finding ways into dance, where we focus on building accessibility through intergenerational and community based work that creates space for all to be dancers.

It is our ambition that together we can lead the way to make changes to our sector that will enable longevity and sustainability for artists and dance within Sussex.


If you are involved in dance in any way from performing, choreographing, producing, programming, teaching to participating and live and/or work in Sussex we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us an email, follow our social media, become a member and/or join our mailing list to keep up to date on our exciting programme and how you can get involved.

Diversity is considered at SDN the core of creativity: different minds, bring different ideas and experiences, bringing innovation. We recognise equality is a result of embracing diversity and including everyone; that the arts are about challenging, provoking, questioning. Our work elicits contribution of local communities, professional and amateur, aiming to empower them to participate in and shape our engagement programme. Pluralising our approach, listening to communities and considering who is imagining are all approaches we invest in.

We continually review our inclusive practise in communications, training, recruitment and programming and recently commissioned a review on equality, diversity and inclusion at SDN and website usability feedback sessions to develop, improve & learn. We are working hard to implement meaningful and lasting changes.


Sussex Dance Network formed out of Brighton Dance Network – which was formed by a group of independent artists in 2013 to meet like minded artists, promote activities, provide professional class, share experiences, and make things happen in and around Brighton.  As more and more people became involved and the need for this grassroots organisation grew, the organisation became unincorporated and started a membership. From here, it became clear that dance artists and producers from right across Sussex were seeking support and joining the conversations.

In Autumn 2018, a management team fostered the continuing growth of the organisation, headed by Katie as producer and supported by Sarah Richter Rose as Assistant, and Lisa Sang as Intergenerational lead. Continuing success lead to Katie Dale-Everett becoming the Artistic Director in Autumn 2019 and the organisation transitioned into what is now known as Sussex Dance Network.

We’re still growing and rely on the generosity of our management team, board and volunteers to be able to generate as much output as we currently are. We commit to continuing to approach our work with consideration to equal opportunities, respect and an openness to learn so that we can grow!


“A forward thinking network always looking to artistic and innovative ideas to involve the community as a whole. They’ve sparked culture back into Brighton particularly with their tours and events and the group is becoming more diverse and developing new roots as a result. I’ve had the pleasure of being at their recent alternative tours and always come away with a mind full of new ideas on how to welcome more of the community in my own world.” Unknown

“Sussex Dance Network are making concentrated efforts to make their work as accessible as possible, for artists and audiences alike. They are spearheading projects which are inclusive and diverse, and have prioritised accessibility in many of their collaborations. As a freelancer I work with a number of companies and artists, and no other company is ensuring these levels of equality in their work.”  Unknown


We hope you will not, but if you do have a complaint you would like to discuss, please contact our Artistic Director in the first instance. You will then be sent a copy of our full complaints procedure.