After listening to the audio created by Joel Cottrell, I reflected upon my lockdown experience and my thoughts during the pandemic thus far. This highlighted two opposing feelings in which I had experienced a much-needed physical and mental ‘break’ from my fast paced life which allowed me to slow down and spend more time in nature, but simultaneously, the breaking down and interruption of routine and structure. I reflected on this in the wider societal context and moreover within the natural world in which lockdown had given nature a break and a breathing space to restore and rebuild somewhat. Consequently this highlighted the breaking down of natural systems humanity has caused due to the unnatural normality we have established.

About the Artist

Zoë Leigh Bishop headshot.

Zoë Leigh Bishop is a Dance Artist, Yoga Practitioner and Teacher. She has worked professionally in the roles of performer, choreographer, facilitator and teacher across the disciplines of Dance, Visual Arts and Yoga. Her work has been performed at platforms such as Brighton Fringe, Milton Keynes Fringe, Resolution at The Place and Womxn SRSLY amongst others. She has performed for choreographers such as Lea Anderson, Flexer & Sandiland and Elisha Hamilton Dance. Her practice is fuelled by her fascination with the human body, its energy and its ability to emote and connect with others. Stimulating creativity and creative thinking lies at the heart of her ethos.

BREAK explores the duality between a break/pausing of time, a slowing down of normality, a space to reconnect with the natural world.

In contrast it explores the breaking down of structure and the crumbling of normality both in the humanly physical and natural world. This video is no longer available to view.