A film by Rachel Sullivan based on ‘We Can’t Go Out’. A poem written by JC, KW, DL, MS, JVC, and LB – a group of residents who live in Bramshaw House in Worthing, West Sussex. This video is no longer available to view.

About the Artist

Rachel Sullivan headshot.Rachel Sullivan is a contemporary dance artist that is currently based in Worthing, South Coast of the UK.

Completing her Masters and apprentiship in 2018/19 with Company Chameleon through Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Since she has worked as a dancer for IMPOPLAY, Company Chameleon, Amy Morvell, DamaeDance, Penny & Jules Dance, Coalesce Dance Theatre, Daniel Lukehurst Various Creations, Northern Rascals and TRIBE//. She enjoys collaborating and learning about individual perspectives.

With the support of ACE Emergency funding she has been developing Trust practice. This began from her passion to give space to share and challenge each other to listen to and champion our own voices. Highlighting the importance being grounded, reflective and playful.

We Can’t Go Out

We can’t go out.
I want to see my friends again.
No music.
I don’t like it.
We can’t go out more often.
I don’t like it when I’m not sleeping.
We can’t go out and do things.
The virus
The virus
The virus.

What is a virus?
It makes you ill.
Touch wood we have not had it yet
And I don’t want it.
I can’t see my family.
I miss all my friends.
Your family.
I’m missing my boyfriend.
Also we are missing the DJ.

We haven’t been able to visit people on the bus.
I can’t see Donna.
I can’t wait to go on holiday
But we’ve got to wait.
We have to wait.
Because it’s very important.
We have to wait.

I feel upset we can’t go out.
You have to wear masks.
It must be awful for the staff.
I can’t see your face
I can’t see your face
He’s a mask man.

I got new glasses.
My radio disappeared.
We can’t go out you…
To have a break from Bramshaw
It is right.
I would like to go back but I can’t
I want to go back.
We can’t.