The Unknown is Mike Turner-Lee’s interpretation of a poem from Texas-Rose Allard. This video is no longer available to view.

About the Artist

Mike's headshot.

Mike is a Brighton-based dance artist. Having recently graduated this spring from the University of Roehampton after 5 years of studying for his BA Dance Studies and MFA Choreography, Mike has a vision to establish himself as dance artist and choreographer in the south east of England. Mike has been a dancer for Third Row Dance CompanyAnna Katherine DanceBear North Show and most recently is establishing a collaboration with his father Patrick entitled Ahtuf Kontrol. The video response to the ‘Lockdown Diaries’ is one such expression of this father and son collaboration.

The Inspiration

Confused, scared, powerless
Being thrown into the complete unknown
We rely on communications
Primarily from our mobile phones

The silence, the space, it has given time for a recharge
But this was all so unexpected
So how do we adapt to make our inside creations large

We can dance in a box, a limited square
But it doesn’t change the fact all the stages are still empty and bare
We move and we create, often to express
But it doesn’t help the struggle of feeling like we are now less
How do we go back to normal when we don’t know what normal is anymore?
Distancing ourselves from loved ones, people we usually communicate with
It is hard to accept that this now how we’ve got to live

Will this ever end?
How will we ever know? 
It’s all unexpected and we are now stuck in the unknown.

by Texas-Rose Allard