Keil Morris’ Lockdown Diaries film inspired by a Smeccles original score. This video is no longer screening.


“My initial reaction to the original score by Smeccles gave way to a feeling of identification and an element of intimacy. I looked to a quote of Alain De Botton (2016) “Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone – and finding that that’s ok with them.” Now I’ve been able to accept this in lockdown at it’s fullest capacity and also questioning my own sense of self equally, and knowing being encased in my own thoughts is fine too. ” – Keil Morris

About the Artist

Keil Morris dancing in the studio.Keil Morris has studied Contemporary and Hip Hop for many years, working alongside renowned B Boy and B Girls in Competitions and touring work with Contemporary Choreographers such as Inaki Azpillaga and Arthur Pita. Keil has also fronted many adverts for Flashmobs. Keil has lectured recently for a few years at East Sussex College. Now Keil is focussing his practice in the local area and is studying to become a communication and language needs specialist, hoping to provide a holistic approach to his work.


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