©  Hannah Pickett Dance Workshop, Photo by Alice White, 2016

“They are the best in our local community.”

Anonymous: National Diversity Awards vote, 2022



Pebsham Youth Dance Club (use dropdown for more information and to reserve your place)

A fun dance club for 10 – 14-year-olds living within 8 miles of Pebsham Community Hub. No dance experience is needed.The club will focus on building a collaborative, inclusive and meaningful safe space for young people to gather and develop skills, whilst embracing the many benefits of dance to improve physical and emotional wellbeing.It will involve a chance to:

  • Develop skills in dance and creativity.
  • Create new friends.
  • Develop a new dance piece which should all participants want, we could invite an invited audience to view.

To take part you must book a full-term (6 weeks)  = £18.00 (early bird (payment received by the 31st of January 2024) £21 afterwards.


“This dance club will take a range of art forms as starting points to develop choreography. From poetry to painting, we will look at a new art form each week, and create dance movements collaboratively in response to each one. Together, we will explore elements of contemporary dance technique and partner work to feed our imagination and help turn ideas into movements.”

Please complete the form below to register your interest and pencil your space. 

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Professional Class

“I can’t say how much professional class by the network is such a vital source for me as a practitioner and teacher here locally. There really isn’t anything else of this sort in the area. I even travel a good 50 miles to make it. There are times where timetabling hasn’t allowed me to attend, but for me this class is like an elixir for life! Long may it reign and bring not only a connection for local artists, but also a breeding ground for developing practitioners alike.”
Keil Morris: Dance Lecturer at East Sussex College