Back for its fifth year, Sussex Dance Network’s Dance Trail in Brighton’s Fringe Festival presents new short works by local choreographers and dancers exploring the theme outside/inside.

Set along Brighton’s hidden gems of green city and urban city space, and highlighting the new landscapes of our changing city, it continues to create unexpected, unique and exciting contemporary dance for outdoor locations.

The 2019 Dance Trail takes place on:

  • 18 May 2019 16:00 – 17:00
  • 19 May 2019 13:00 – 14:00

Tickets are £8 (£7 concessions) and be booked via the Brighton Fringe website here 

With just under a month to go, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the choreographers involved in this year’s trail.

Amy Morvell

Amy is currently a self-employed dancer and choreographer based in the South East of England where her current practice involves gathering biographical content from communities to create honest stories of human experience. Amy is currently dancing for companies such as Lîla Dance, Ella&co, and Wessex Dance Academy (Laila Delalio & Hannah Martin-Reilly).

Amy Morvell Nice to Meet YouSince graduating in 2017 Amy has been supported by Lîla Dance on their apprentice scheme to successfully receive Arts Council Funding to research her new work Turtle Dove. Alongside this Amy has also been supported by South East Dance’s Mind the Gap in partnership with Hofesh Shechter Company; from April 2019 Amy will be an Associate Artist of The Point, Eastleigh.

Amy’s piece is titled Nice to Meet You, made in collaboration with dancers Will Hodson and Brandon Clarke. The duet explores what it can be like to search for love and companionship in 2019.

A huge thank you to Wessex Dance Academy, The Point, Lîla Dance & The University of Chichester for their support in the project.

More info on Amy at

Benedetta Agostini

Born in Italy, Benedetta is a dancer, performer and creator. Formed at the ESDC « Rosella Hightower» in Cannes, France she then joined the ‘Ballet Junior de Genève’ in 2015, where she had the chance to work with choreographers such as: Roy Assaf, Olivier Dubois, Sharon Eyal & Gay Behar.

Benedetta AgostiniShe is now working for Limen, a duo between her and the musician Ruggero Fornari, which its first creation Being premiered in Italy in January 2019.

Benedetta’s piece is called #StArt
Use art as power
Use the internet as a tool
Use a # to express yourself

View Benedetta’s website here

3Fall Youth

3Fall Youth is a dance company running for its second year in collaboration with The University of Chichester and Shoreham Academy. Their aim is to give young dancers the experience of being in a dance company, giving them valuable insights into working with choreographers and performing at different venues. The company also works to build a strong relationship between Shoreham Academy, The University of Chichester and 3Fall Dance Company and aims to inspire and encourage students to pursue dance into further education.

This year students in their third year at The University of Chichester. Megan Lamper and Esher Hook are working as associate choreographers for the company.

3Fall’s piece is titled Oscillations
Choreographers: Megan Lamper and Esher Hook

3FallYouthAn eclectic group of dancers explore their physicality by moving in and out of shapes and patterns inspired by the psychedelic colours and designs of oscillating kaleidoscopes and spirographs.

Instagram: @3fallyouth

Michelle and Lizzie

Michelle is a Dancing Artist, a rhythmical Clown and a being discovering being nothing at all. She has an MA in Dance and Somatic Well-Being and is a student of Sacred Clowning. She is also a Graduate of the International School of Storytelling and trained as a Shamanic Practitioner with Eagles Wing. Michelle has a deep passion for the arts but more for the potential connection they can bring. What is important is the heart.Sussex Dance Network Dance Trail

Lizzie is a dance artist from the UK. She currently studies with the Axis Syllabus and has on-going research in Contact Improvisation and water-dance. She is curious about the absence of knowing during improvisation and celebrates the joy and medicine of moving from our inside as well as sharing the common beat. Recent projects include the community arts project LAB – LivingArtsBase. Lizzie has a formal background in Anthropology, African history & Fine Art.

The title of their piece is Risking It.

I am at a threshold. Stepping out. Coming from inside, on my way to the outside. We slow the moment in-between in & out. Stretching limbs & solar plexus we turn to face the mirror. Exposure. Through improvisation we discover live what happens when we allow our self to be seen, by our own self and by other. How does it change us? In facing mirrors we experience a letting go, where shadow & intention drop. A Relief. This is a place where spontaneity rules and emptiness prevails, peace roots and energy flows. Empty vessel. What slows this down? We are shedding.

Ayami Uchi and group

We are an intergenerational ensemble of five women from different backgrounds.

• KT Simpson– performer, producer and artistic director of Copper Dollar Theatre Company and the director of Copper Dollar studio
• Rachel Clatworthy– Rachel has been a member of Copper Dollar Theatre troupe, a vibrant community of multi-media cross-platform artists over six years travelling and performing internationally.
• Justyna Janiszewska– Justyna is a multi-disciplinary dance artist who has been presenting her solo and group choreography since 2012 in Resolution! Onwards, collaborating with numerous artists and groups in performance projects.
• Ayami Uchi– Ayami is an independent film-maker; her work’s themes centred around mind and body practices, mental health, and the theory of phenomenology.
• Alegna Dezlein – Alegna is an actor/artist who specialises in the method of forum theatre.

Sussex Dance Network Dance TrailThe theme “inside out /outside in” resonates in our intergenerational women’s group exploration of peer support; how “she” nurture others as well as each other and herself through the creation of ritualistic communion. It is our wish to communicate and share its joy and potential to the audience. We want to present a group movement piece based on the inspiration of women’s hormonal journey throughout her life. It especially signifies the menopausal period as the celebration of transition into power rather than the closure of femalehood. Our belief is women deal with their mental health better in general because of the monthly practice of observing, adjusting, taking care of their bodies: the cultivation of life skill as inner- listening. This “going within” awareness collaborates with the outer world and helps to bring harmony and balance.

There will also be an intergenerational piece from choreographer Virginia Farman.