Celebration of the Dance Trails

We couldn’t bring you the Dance Trail in May, 2020, but here’s a glimpse into our past offerings. A huge range of artists and performers come together yearly to showcase their work in a variety of outdoor settings, connecting with audiences who might not attend traditional dance settings. Photo by Tim Garrod, Choreography Ella&Co


Sussex Dance Network promises to be there for you during this difficult time as much as possible. We are listening to advice from the Government, Arts Council England and the World Health Organisation and will continue to keep you up to date on any changes we make. Presently, we are suspending our face to face […]

Reflecting on Starting Points

Last night I enjoyed an evening of beginnings at Sussex Dance Network’s event Starting Points, showcased at Brighton Dome. Choreographers Amy Tony and Eve Zandi presented extracts from pieces exploring the male gaze and the senses, social norms, and pedestrian behaviour. First up a female with a flower head! A startling image, more comic than […]