Sussex Dance Network are looking to work with a Freelance Project Assistant for our ABCD Plan for Cultural Recovery: Alternative Tours of Brighton & Hove City Centre Project and Reimagining Futures Programme

Time Commitment: This role covers two separate projects and amounts to 11 days (7.5 hours a day) between November 2021 and March 2022  (leading to possible more work on the project and/or in the future depending on budget). 

Contracted Period: Monday 15th November until Thursday 31st March 2022 (spread of hours to be negotiated)  

Fee: £75 per day (total across the contract £825)

About the Role: Sussex Dance Network are looking for a Project Assistant to join our Management Team, working alongside the Artistic Director, Producer(s), Marketing and Participation Coordinator and Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Lead. The Project Assistant will assist the Artistic Director to deliver the ABCD Plan for Cultural Recovery: Alternative Tours of Brighton & Hove City Centre Project and Reimagining Futures Programme between November 2021 and March 2022, with the potential of this becoming a regular project by project position within the organisation.  

The Project Assistants will be responsible for supporting the Artistic Director and Producer(s), helping with the development, coordination and delivery of these projects. 

About Sussex Dance Network: Sussex Dance Network is an informal but constituted organisation which was set up to transform and broker dialogue and action within the dance and cultural sector across Sussex that is led by the needs, desires and experience of those living and breathing the reality of creating and developing the artistic work and engagement opportunities that cultural organisations need. We partner with venues, communities, institutions and artists that want to reconsider their relationships and approach to connecting with audiences/participants and explore new avenues for creativity as well as programming independently run programmes, such as professional class. 

About ABCD Plan for Cultural Recovery: This project is offered by Brighton & Hove City Council as part of its support for the city’s recovery plan for the creative and cultural sector (the ABCD Plan for Cultural Recovery). It is being funded through the Welcome Back Fund. The ABCD Plan for Cultural Recovery starts from the knowledge that creative businesses and workers will be at the forefront of the city’s recovery, that we have a strong infrastructure to work with and that there are unique opportunities in Brighton & Hove for our thinking to be radical and inclusive. Participants in the consultation process to date brought enormous insight and experience, sharing innovative ways of working and thinking in response to Covid-19 that we will build upon and adopt. The delivery of the plan will ensure the sector remains future-focused and entrepreneurial, with an understanding of how the operating environment has changed and which skills and resources are required to change with it. Above all, this plan commits the sector to developing ways of working that are more inclusive, collaborative and more sustainable, acknowledging the power imbalances that exist and determined to find solutions to address them.

About Reimagining Futures: This programme supports artists to continue their practice, adjust to the new future of dance and become more strategic in their approach, alongside engagement opportunities with wider communities. 

Duties will include the following as well as anything else reasonably asked by the Artistic Director:  

  • Organising and attending meetings and artists/team member’s diaries.
  • Ordering supplies and equipment.
  • Booking rehearsal spaces and venues. 
  • Creating marketing assets. 
  • Minuting meetings. 
  • Drawing up contracts and other paperwork associated with the project.
  • Liaising with local venues, the council and community groups.
  • Being one of the personal connections for artists and the community to connect with the network.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the projects, their objectives and goals, ensuring that other team members have what they need to deliver the projects. 
  • Anything else needed to meet the aims of the projects. 

Assistant Producer Applications – Person Specification:


  • Have experience working within admin/producing within the arts sector.
  • Be passionate about dance and cross-disciplinary work.
  • Able to self manage time to meet deadlines and complete tasks.
  • Able to use initiative and work independently as well as being a team player and collaborative.
  • Align with Sussex Dance Network’s core values.
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  • Live in Sussex and be able to work remotely.
  • Able to meet deadlines.
  • Have a working knowledge of Google Drive.
  • Interest in continuing to work for Sussex Dance Network on a project by project basis. 
  • Be highly organised. 
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills for collaborating effectively with others.


  • Knowledge of Asana.
  • Experience of delivering content online and or in digital formats.
  • Marketing experience. 
  • Have experience working with artists with access needs.

How to apply:

Please send us your CV, complete our monitoring form and an expression of interest to This should include:

  • How you meet the criteria,
  • Which skills and benefits you believe you can best bring to the Network. 

This can be submitted in a written, video or audio format. 

Monitoring Form: 

We are an inclusive organisation and we particularly welcome applications from under-represented communities.

If you have any questions, please contact: 

The submission deadline is Sunday 7th November 2021. 

Interviews will take place via Zoom on Wednesday 10th November 2021. 

Job commences week beginning Monday 15th of November 2021.  

📸 Tim Garrod, Choreographer Ella Fleetwood, Dance Trail 2017