Class description:
‘Professional movement class aims to facilitate a space in which participants are encouraged to work with their holistic self, so whatever is going on at that moment: pain, pleasure, worries, joys, physically and mentally. I work collaboratively with the participants and together we create a safe space in which we can situate ourselves and move from our interiors. We work with the bodies we have on that particular day and we welcome our entire selves. We start with guided introspective body scans and imagination based visualisations before moving into improvisation. It’s all about creating a sense of safety; a space that facilitates creativity, risks and play. ‘
Orla Connolly is an Irish, feminist choreographer and performance artist currently based in Brighton. Orla is excited by the possibilities of interdisciplinary praxis. She works across disciplines and mediums to create visceral performances. Her work utilises multi modes of presentation, often blending visual arts and choreography in order to transform spaces and alter audiences’ experiences.
Instagram: o_choreography_dance
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Date(s) - Monday 3 October, 2022
7:05pm - 8:20pm