Class description:

Class will be a practice of giving permission to notice, follow, listen to. Particularly highlighting the use of weight, breath, grounding to find space, images, drawing attention to and taking attention away. It will mostly include improvisation, floor work, functional movement and release technique. Sometimes using partner work and set material to aid our solo movement practice.

My class with focus on weight, momentum, finding myself solo within a group, my own research in Trust Practice. Trust Practice includes tools I used to find a ready body which is a constantly adapting. To be able to receive information in the moment, from myself, from people around and the space I was in to allow that to be watched and experienced. The tools to find myself in and out of being in charge of this.

I hope to invite everyone to play, explore, challenge, take what they need and be generous with others to do the same.

Rachel Sullivan is based in Worthing, South Coast of the UK.

Rachel trained at Northern School of Contemporary Dance and completed her Masters as an Apprentice with Company Chameleon.

Since training, Rachel has worked as a dance artist for Akshay Sharma, IMPRO-PLAY, Company Chameleon, DamaeDance, Amy Morville, Daniel Lukehurst Various Creations, Tribe//, Coalesce Dance Theatre, Suver and Nuver and Northern Rascals. Rachel has had other roles: Rehearsal Director, Movement Director, and Teacher.  She enjoys collaborating and learning about individual perspectives.

Her interests are on flow, sensation, attention and trust in your own bodily knowledge, mostly within the world of improvisation. She is currently researching her own practice; how to give space, share and challenge each other in the most supportive but honest way possible, she calls it Trust Practice.

Instagram: @rachel_sullivan
Photo by Natalie Sullivan
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Date(s) - Monday 21 March, 2022
7:00pm - 8:30pm