Inanimate To Animate: Workshop

Rare opportunity to learn from acclaimed dancer & choreographer Ester Natzjil.

Do you want to create a duet with yourself, your alter ego or your favourite character? Sussex Dance Network and Worthing Theatres invite you to dive into a world of puppetry either as participants, listeners or both. Learn to bring different materials to life and let them speak, sing, dance and rock in this three hour workshop with Ester Natzijl creator of internationally acclaimed ‘WATCHING, ceci n’est pas de deux’. This workshop teaches you the basic skills of puppetry and how to combine this with your dancing body. This is drama, improvisation, choreography and contact improv all rolled into one. Let the drive of your characters and their drama become the intentions of your movements. Or simply let the abstraction breathe. This workshop is open to professional and non-professional movers. Please note that the workshop will be being photographed for an exhibition in Sussex. Following this workshop there is an illustrated talk with Ester Natzjil. For more information & tickets click here.

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Date(s) - Sunday 9 June, 2019

Pavilion Theatre