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Sussex Dance Network is a grassroots organisation, currently run by a small part-time staff team and volunteers. All Membership fees go directly to delivering activities to benefit the dance community in Sussex. Thank you to all our members past and present. We recognise that times are changing and that our membership offer needs to evolve with it. We were planning to relaunch our membership scheme with our new bonus features in October 2020, however we will now be launching this in Spring 2021. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email us: info@sussexdancenetwork.co.uk

Moving to a new town can be a daunting experience, but Sussex Dance Network provided the warmest of welcomes. A brief message introducing myself quickly led to a meeting with Katie about the local dance scene, meeting with other local artists at professional class and the invitation to teach open class. Their commitment to nurturing and providing opportunities for local practitioners is refreshing and commendable, and as a result during the short time I spent in Brighton I was able to forge both lasting connections and friendships. They provide not only a framework of support but a real sense of community that so needed in a profession as precarious as the arts.
Harry Scott: Freelance Dance Artist

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We are currently updating our constitution and code, please bear with us whilst we update this.


Non-members are warmly welcomed to one of our regular networking meetings, to meet like-minded people, share what you are doing and find out more about the contemporary dance scene in the Sussex area. On your second attendance, you will be expected to sign up to Membership.

You can attend some of our programmed classes, workshops, and events at a full price.

As a non-member, you can sign up to our mailing list to receive opportunities and news from the network and its Members.

How the network works

If you have been unable to come to our meetings you might not know exactly how the Network works.

We are a grass-roots, artist-led organisation which was born out of the need to connect face-to-face with other artists. Our Members make opportunities for themselves and for the benefit of others. We have the long term in our sights – we understand that we have to put time and effort into making this the community we want. A community that will support dance artists through the length of their careers. We know that by making an opportunity for one can lead to opportunities for many. All of the Sussex Dance Network’s activities happen through the hard work of our small part-time staff team and volunteers.

We welcome Members to put forward ideas that will benefit the whole, which have sustainability at the heart. We can’t presently offer money, but we have a group of enthusiastic and highly skilled artists, producers and administrators who are willing to give their time and expertise, and which we believe is just as valuable. If you can see room for improvement in the SDN please come along to our next meeting to get involved with making it better.