© Angela El-Zeind & SDN, Photo by Katy Clarkson of ‘Voice of Motherhood’ Tour (ABCD Alternative Tours) commissioned by SDN, 2022.

Diverse and marginalised stories of motherhood — through the words and voices of those who have lived them. Voices of Motherhood was a unique performance trail, curated by verbatim theatre-maker Angela El-Zeind in collaboration with mothers who have unheard perspectives from across Brighton. BSL interpretation was provided.

A woman is standing behind a counter talking to another woman sat in a chair as a group watch on.
A group of woman stand outside a building together for a photo.
A group of women rehearsing. They are smiling.

“This project landed in my life at a very difficult time.

It helped me have another focus and helped me digest some of the grief and anxiety that I was struggling with. It gave me something to look forward to and I felt heard and held creatively and emotionally.” 


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SDN Team:

Curator and Executive Producer: Katie Dale-Everettnn

Producer: Frances Livesey

Project Assistant: Amy Robyn-Lyster

Marketing Co-ordinator: Alice Leverton

Commissioned Collaborators: 

Lead Artist: Angela El-Zeind

Creative Artist Assistant: Betty Maguire