Dance, Art and Technology Collaboration

Sussex Dance Network with support from Move South East are bringing together collaborators from dance, art and technology. These experts spent the day exploring how their expertise can open up new possibilities for ‘Enayball’ an art tool that allows anyone in a wheelchair, including highly paralysed people, to independently create large scale drawings. 

Collaborators are as follows: 

Draw to Perform

Many individuals drawing on shared canvas on ground as audience looks on.
©DrawtoPerform | Workshop in Session

Draw to Perform is an international community for Drawing Performance, founded by artist Ram Samocha. This art company focuses on the connection between drawing and live art. Drawing Performance is a vibrant and interdisciplinary art form where artists creating art from mark making in front of a live audience. The art created combines creative elements of line, movement, space, and sound. Since 2013 Draw to Perform organizing international symposiums and festivals, work with and support emerging and established artists, hold various events, collaborating with art institutions, and run a mentorship program, educational workshops and residencies.

Draw to Perform's logo
©DrawtoPerform | Logo

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Parable Dance

“At Parable Dance CIC we want everyone to have access to art. We believe that dance has the ability to unite communities, develop confidence, and maximise mental and physical health and wellbeing. People of all ages with disabilities engaging in our dance workshops have the opportunity to be creative, active, and social. Everyone has a unique ability.”

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Eli and Pete of Enayball (headshot)
©Enayball | Eli and Pete

We are Eli and Pete, two product designers and friends with a passion for inclusive design. We studied together, lived together and now we work together!

We believe in the enormous power of user-centred design and the impact it can make on societal issues. We recognised the marginalisation of people with disabilities in the creative community, in particular that their needs for products were unserved.

We want to challenge this. So we created Enayball. Enayball is an electronic tool that makes traditional art equipment accessible. It can be attached to a wheelchair, drawing on the floor as the person moves their chair. It can also be used on a tabletop by hand, supporting people with dexterity issues

Enayball's logo
©Enayball | Logo

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