Through our eyes by SBB Dance

There are many people that still believe racism does not exist. There are many people that believe that systemic oppression does not exist. There are many people that think white privilege does not exist.  We want everyone to know that these things do exist and that black people have to deal with them everyday. We invite you to come and see what life is like for us. We want you to see things through our eyes.

Through our eyes is a powerful, thought-provoking dance film inspired by the recent Black Lives Matter protests.


More info to be released soon.

Meet the Artist

Shaquille is an exciting emerging choreographer, he is 24 years old, from Luton, Bedfordshire. Shaquille began dancing at school at the age of 15. Once he realised he had a passion for it, he joined the youth dance company of NGYT (Next Generation Youth Theatre). He then continued his dance training at college where he achieved a distinction in BTEC Dance. Shaquille studied for four years at university and has recently graduated from the University of Chichester with a BA (Hons) in Dance and a Masters in Choreography and Professional Practices. After university, Shaquille was accepted into the GradLab project where he was able to work with many other dancers in creating his first professional work ’14.06.17’ which debuted at Resolution in 2020.




Photo by: Dougie Evans

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