C.L.I.M.A.T.E. The Film

This film is the final product of an incredible collaborative body of work from Rachel Wise, Ruby Gadsby, Iain Paxon, Christ Adair, and the participants of the 12 hour lab workshop.

The videos below introduce the creative process behind our 12 hour lab.





The 12 Hour Lab – choreographic workshop

Connecting people to rediscover Interactive, Inclusive and Interdisciplinary performance, engaging with ‘Climate’ through the medium of film and a digital creative research Lab. The 12 Hour digital lab connected 12 people to move together over the space of 12 hours in collaboration with musicians.

The 12 Hour lab developed a holistic, thought provoking and interactive creative process; inclusive for movers of all ages and abilities. The Lab artists devised and performed a movement score for film, addressing the theme of Climate, fusing music and movement as a connected narrative.

Choreographer Rachel Wise collaborated with Musician Iain Paxon, Dance Videographer Ruby Gadsby and with Researcher and Academic Christy Adair to develop and shape the creative lab process. This new creative fusion blends interdisciplinary devising and performance with academic research through the medium of film, to interrogate our relationships as humans and engage with the global issues of climate.

“The experience has been one of the richest, perhaps the richest zoom workshop I’ve been on” 
“I hope an audience will reflect on the relationships we have with the natural world and objects” 
“I am but a moment in this object’s life” was really impactful. Exploring those emotional moments that were the strongest bits of the workshop for me.”

Meet the Artists

Rachel Wise’s work is adventurous, intellectually engaging and playful. She creates interdisciplinary art that is Inclusive, Interactive and engages with social, cultural and environmental issues. Audience’s leave feeling engaged, inspired and connected. Rachel works as a movement director, assistant director and choreographer. She collaborates with directors, writers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians with a passion for sharing stories.

Photos by Totanz

Rachel completed her MA Movement Directing and Teaching at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and BA Hons Dance (Performing Arts) at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. As a movement and dance pedagogue her international teaching experience includes Peking University, Bristol Old Vic, The Royal Ballet School and Morley College. Previous engagements as a choreographer and movement director include Sony Pictures Network, Nevill Holt Opera, The Orange Tree Theatre, Beijing Music Festival and Leeds Playhouse.


Photo by Richard Gadsby

Ruby Gadsby is a South East based dance and film artist experienced in choreography in a variety of settings. From theatre to site-specific and the screen, alongside dancers from a variety of ages and backgrounds. Recently producing and co-choreographing work for Resolution 2020 at The Place and curating for the international screendance festival Frame Rush. Her film work has been selected as part of The Shut In Dance Festival in conjunction with Dance Camera West.
Currently studying for her MA in screendance at London Contemporary Dance School. Her work creates a sharing and understanding of the human experience through the hybrid of choreographer-filmmaker. The intention is to move and be moved as the work invites you to sit in someone else’s shoes, to question and explore.

Any queries regarding the outcomes of this project, please get in touch with Katie- katie@sussexdancenetwork.co.uk