© Jeanne Fee Photography, Performer Ester Natzijl

We are Sussex Dance Network, an artist-led organisation for individual dance artists providing regular opportunities for training and upskilling, a quality programme and an expanded, informed and important Members network.


Sussex Dance Network supports, connects, and inspires independent dance artists.


Daring to go where NPO’s are not able to, we programme with our Member’s needs in mind, working to provide opportunities that reduce isolation, increase accessibility into the arts and support you to take your next step, whatever that might look like.

Our supportive and increasingly inclusive network exists to enable artists to explore their ideas, to foster new relationships between artists, audiences and communities and to allow both amateurs and other non-professionals to engage with work and let themselves be seen as artists.

We are interested in working with and engaging those working on the parameters of the industry, who have had different experiences, who are working cross-collaboratively, those who are coming back to dance, as well as those looking to find like-minded people to come together in appreciation of art and dance.

We work hard to build relationships with artists, venues and programmers who live or work across the whole of Sussex to programme our own artistic activity and training to support and provide opportunities for our Member’s to continue to thrive and live in Sussex, immersed within an inter-connected and artistically rich environment. By working together we believe we can create a stronger and more sustainable unit from which to deliver and grow dance and share learning across our region.

Made up of highly skilled artists, producers and administrators we deliver:

Sussex Dance Network believe that together we are stronger and would love to hear from you if you are involved in dance in any way from performing, choreographing, producing, teaching and participating and live and/or work in Sussex. Please feel free to drop us an email, follow our social media and join our mailing list to keep up to date on our exciting programme and how you can get involved.


Sussex Dance Network formed out of Brighton Dance Network – which was formed by a group of independent artists in 2013 to meet like minded artists, promote activities, provide professional class, share experiences, and make things happen in and around Brighton.  As more and more people became involved and the need for this grassroots organisation grew, the organisation became unincorporated and started a membership. From here, it became clear that dance artists and producers from right across Sussex were seeking support and joining the conversations.

In Autumn 2018, a management team fostered the continuing growth of the organisation, headed by Katie as producer and supported by Sarah Richter Rose as Assistant, and Lisa Sang as Intergenerational lead. Continuing success lead to Katie Dale-Everett becoming the Artistic Director in Autumn 2019 and the organisation transitioned into what is now known as Sussex Dance Network.

We’re still growing and rely on the generosity of our management team, board and volunteers to be able to generate as much output as we currently are. We commit to continuing to approach our work with consideration to equal opportunities, respect and an openness to learn so that we can grow!

We hope you will not, but if you do have a complaint you would like to discuss, please contact our Artistic Director in the first instance. You will then be sent a copy of our full complaints procedure.